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What you should know before hiring your first employee in Singapore…

Congratulations!!! You are ready to hire your first employee. Your business or Non-Profit is growing and you are ready to give a candidate a letter of employment. But are you aware what your obligations are as an Employer in Singapore?

As a first time employer there are a number of resources you can refer to for guidance including:

  • Ministry of Manpower – for work permits, Employment Act, Key Employment Terms, Regulations and Workplace Safety Rules
  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore – declaring and filing tax returns and employee earnings
  • Central Provident Fund Board – CPF contributions if applicable for Singaporean / Permanent Resident employees and Skills Development Levy (SDL) and Skills Development Fund

Did you know that you have to

  • Provide an itemized pay-slip to all your employees every month.
  • Pay SDL for all your employees working in Singapore including permanent, part-time, casual and temporary employees including foreign employees on work permits and employment pass holders.
  • Cover workman (a person doing manual labour earning a basic salary of <$4500) OR a non-workman (earning <$2600), under Part IV of the employment act which regulates hours of work, break entitlements, rest days and overtime pay.
  • Classify someone working less than 35 hours a week as a part time employee, and pay them on an hourly basis, (including overtime if applicable at the basic rate of 1.5 times for hours exceeding a full time employee’s normal hours).
  • Provide a variety of leave entitlements such as –
    • Adoption Leave,
    • Annual Leave,
    • Childcare Leave,
    • Maternity Leave,
    • Paternity Leave,
    • Shared parental leave,
    • Sick Leave and
    • Unpaid Infant care leave, 

Some of the above leaves may be government funded.

These are just some of the requirements that you need to comply with. To fully understand your obligations in further details, speak to us at Ezee Pte Ltd today for a confidential no-obligation discussion on your employment related queries.