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This page provides a CFO Controller advisory snapshot of services Ezee Pte. Ltd. can provide. Our Mission is to leverage our over 50 years of collective experience in the finance function to help Start-up’s, SMEs and Large Organization’s. We upskill your existing teams, build competency, improve processes and routines, focus on the key risks and eliminate redundant tasks making your finance team more efficient and effective. 

In order to manage the increasing complexity we can help with the resources needed for any finance related project.  Systems Implementation, Data Migration, Data Integration, Treasury systems, Business Intelligence systems, Report Generation and Design or Project Management Office are just some of the areas we have experience in.

We can work on-site, remotely or at your convenience on a part-time, contract or fully outsourced basis. 

Pricing – Advisory Service – to be negotiated on scope

Finance Project Management & Advisory

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CFO on Demand / Financial Controller

Business Partnering

We can provide a Finance Manager, Financial Controller, CFO on Demand or an Interim CFO as a business partner, on a part time basis thereby saving costs and meet your business needs. As businesses grow from a 2-3 man startup to a regional operation with multiple legal entities and between 50-200 employees, the outsourced statutory accounting function is no longer enough. You need more support including group accounting and consolidation, management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, cash-flow management, transfer pricing / corporate tax,  operational analysis and various other competencies. What Ezee brings you is this multi disciplinary competency in an Ezee package.

Therefore, a Financial Controller or CFO on Demand is essentially a finance consultant that can support your business with quality finance advisory services. Secondly, an Interim CFO can help to up-skill and train your teams and liaise with internal and external stakeholder in order to free up your time. As an entrepreneur and business owner you gain back time to focus on your business.

Investor Relations

As an interim CFO we can partner in your investor relations, speak to your investors and explain your business performance or assist with capital re-structuring. In addition, we can also help you with budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis so that your business tracks to plan.

Statutory Compliance

Businesses regularly juggle various urgent priorities. Therefore, Statutory compliance matters like taxes, financial statements, accounting systems and regulatory filings are often put on the back-burner. But these compliance matters are important to avoid fines and penalties. However, we can help you during crunch situations or for such one-off activities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For more complex matters like mergers and acquisitions, due diligence or looking at your organization holistically we can assist on a project management basis.

New Finance projects (financial systems, treasury / banking, HR/Payroll, Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualisation) need strong project management skills.  We can provide qualified chartered accountants with the right hands-on experience, skills and knowledge to drive a project to successful completion.  No project is too small for us whether it is implementing a new software, changing vendors, outsourcing a single activity or redesigning the optimal process.

A good PMO ensures that various stakeholders are aligned. The PMO sets and meets milestones and deadlines, and communicates effectively therefore driving an efficient and successful project completion. 

Insurance companies are working on FRS 117 compliance (or IFRS 17) projects coming into effect on 1st January 2023.  The standard introduces new reporting requirements thereby requiring system updates in order to comply with the new standard .  These changes will impact the key accounting systems, data management , risk analysis, audit disclosures and financial statement reporting. We can help to meet your project deadlines.

Finance Project Management Office (PMO) Services

Finance Project Management
Data Insights Data Analysis Data Automation

Accounting Systems Implementation

Implementing your core Financial System is an important task and must be done right,  as it impacts the organization for the long term.

We can help your business in evaluating your needs and selecting the most ideal system that matches your requirements. We can manage the project end-to-end or on specific matters. For instance, we can build scenarios, conduct UAT testing and data migration. In addition, we can also setup best practices, consider segregation of duties and access controls to ensure your systems are optimized for intended use. 

For companies with operations in multiple countries that have outgrown an outsourced accountant, service and are considering using a single software for group accounts, Ezee can help in the selection, setup and implementation process. 

Data Migration

The process of moving historical financial data between systems can be daunting.  

Our experience in migrating data accurately and thereafter reconciling the information can help the business reduce disruptions. The right level and amount of data migrated to the new system therefore eliminates the need to refer to legacy systems. 

Data Analysis Robotic Process Automation
Finance Business Partnering Leadership

Systems Integration

Companies that do not integrate their systems and processes operate inefficiently. For example, some companies enter vendor bank information twice. First, when creating a new vendor record and second when processing the payment in the bank. Reduce and eliminate redundancy in your processes via systems integration to streamline to improve your internal efficiency.

Do you have a presence in multiple countries and are you using a different bank in each country? Implement a treasury platform solution and integrating your banking platform with your accounting systems across multiple entities in multiple geographies to improve your cash visibility and liquidity management.

Is your HR system integrated with your payroll and banking systems to pass data seamlessly?  

We can help building the bridges between your primary finance systems. For instance connecting financial systems to CRM, Project Management can drive improved operational data reporting. We can help you with integration projects to build scalability, efficiency and speed and to free up your finance team to focus on value added activities

Report Generation and Design

The best financial system roll-out is hardly useful without the right reporting tools. If you cannot generate the correct reports to provide you with information, insight, analytic, and metrics it would impact your effectiveness as a manager and decision maker. The information needs to be timely and relevant, provide you with a 360-degree view of the business, agile and easy to understand.  

It is quite common for companies to setup hundreds of reports, some superseded and irrelevant and some with only a single infrequent user. What you need are reports that capture the pulse of your business and provide the right metrics and information for clarity and effectiveness. Setting up the right qualitative reports from the system is where our experience can help your business. 

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Business Intelligence Project Rollouts

Is your finance team spending most of their time building or collating data rather than analysing the data to generate information and insight? Most businesses have various data source points (financial, operational, and it may be structured data or unstructured data or even text). Making sense of all that data, cleaning, prepping and bringing it to a stage where it can be analysed effectively costs a lot of organization bandwidth.  

We can help either by training your teams to move towards maintaining structured data. Structured data is beneficial, for instance to facilitate data analysis or for linking multiple data sources for reporting.For example, it can be used to bridge data by linking it directly to source systems like your ERPs or CRM systems. Structured data helps to generate reports and dynamic dashboards providing you with drill down ability to slice and dice data. 

Consolidating information through BI (e.g. Microsoft Power BI) can help to automate the data preparation used in Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).  BI can help in analysing data and presenting actionable information thereby enabling executives, managers and other corporate end-users make informed business decisions quickly.

Merger & Acquisition Support – Due Diligence

Acquiring another entity is a huge commitment of energy, time and resources. M&A due diligences require a thorough understanding of the target entity, of the risks and opportunities to be able to arrive at the correct valuation should the due diligence result in a deal. 

We can help in this process by providing qualified professionals to perform the necessary reviews. 

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Post-Merger Integration Support

Post-Merger Integration of financial information can be very daunting.  

We provide service in integrating the information and realizing identified synergies. 

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