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Many small companies struggle with poor banking integration, weak banking relationships, little or no treasury, liquidity or cash management capabilities and poor cash reporting abilities. As smaller companies grow their country footprint, their banking footprint also starts to grow. Business development teams or operations team lead expansion to new countries rather than finance or treasury. As a result, there is often no clearly planned banking strategy in place. The treasury function is typically not in place and cash management and liquidity reporting is a challenge. Each legal entity in different countries could have a local banking relationship with a local bank that is not part of global banking relationship.

As the operations grow, accessing multiple bank accounts in different banks, managing multiple logins and approval mechanisms becomes challenging. Managing access to various bank accounts becomes difficult to handle. The founders and other leaders start to spend a lot of time dealing with user access changes due to staff turnover. Additional challenges include a lack of visibility into daily cash balances, inability to track customer receipts, returned funds, vendor payments and in general poor visibility into cash position or liquidity. 

Banking Rationalization Treasury Cash Flow

To alleviate these problems, the consultants at Ezee have long believed in the benefits of Banking rationalization. By partnering with a large global transactional bank, the treasury operations can be streamlined. Regional banking relationships with a single bank provide multiple benefits including a single log in platform, ease of granting and removing banking access via tokens. Technology has made the need for physical tokens obsolete and access is now granted via a mobile app that users can download on their mobile phones. 

With advanced pricing arrangements that are volume based, banks can offer better transaction processing fees compared to a stand alone local bank in most cases. Cash reporting dashboards provide a single unified view of the entire group cash balances.  The ability to transfer funds quickly and safely between accounts and in various currencies is another benefit. Digital wallets have new become a standard feature for corporate banking. Companies can receive, hold and pay money into popular currencies without incurring conversion fees. Banks can also provide better expense management and control via credit cards and other digital payment options.

Setting up the right banking consolidation strategy, working with the right banks and enabling the right features can go a long way to making treasury operations robust, streamlined and efficient. Banking rationalization and automation is offered as part of our Project Management services. Contact Ezee Pte. Ltd for a no-obligation discussion to understand more about our services.