Interim CFO

Are you looking for an Interim CFO? Many established organizations often find themselves in urgent need of a Finance leader, either due to unexpected resignation of their current finance head, or for various other reasons. These firms often need resources at short notice and are looking for proven leadership skills and the ability to walk into an organization and hit the ground running. 

Interim CFO candidates are expected to pick up the business knowledge , establish relationships with the key stakeholders quickly and be able to explain the business in clear and concise terms. Often the Interim CFO position turns into a permanent role or it could also assist management in the search for a permanent CFO.

People management is another important skill that the interim CFO must possess. In many cases the finance teams are on high alert when there is a sudden change of leadership in their organization and have to adapt to a new leader and a new leadership style. At such times it is important that the new leader makes the team feel comfortable, gets to know the team and their strengths, quickly assess the situation and inspire confidence amongst the team to continue with their work and provide recommendations for improvements. It is important not to make drastic changes initially and disrupt the existing processes without involving the owner of the existing process first, and having a discussion to convince the individual on the need for changes.

The ability to walk into any situation and assess the urgent and important tasks is key to ensuring a smooth transition into the role. It is important to introduce small quick wins to establish trust and work on a long term plan for some of the more complicated challenges.

Ezee consultants are able to step into an Interim CFO role with ease and hit the ground running. 

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