Payroll Services

Ezee Pte. Ltd is a partner with Just Login Payroll, a leading local payroll computation and compliance software provider. Ezee can provide payroll services for startups and small and medium sized enterprises that typically have less than 20 headcounts and have stable employee base.

Just Login software can handle all the local statutory compliance requirements including CPF contributions, leave management, maternity and paternity claims, NS Man claims. 

Just Login also offers additional modules for employee travel and expense claim management modules as an additional chargeable service. 

All reporting requirements like IR8A, Form 15, Form 16 and payslips can be generated on demand. In fact the online mobile banking platform can also be used for attendance and time management, and can be easily integrated with some popular accounting platforms. Banking integration allows for files to be uploaded to any local bank easily for efficient salary payments. All companies are also required to remit CPF deductions from employee salaries and employer CPF contributions to the CPF board by the 14th of the following month. Failing to remit CPF on a timely basis can attract interest charges. 

For more information on our payroll computation services please contact Ezee Pte. Ltd via phone or email for a no-obligation discussion.

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