Transaction Processing Services

Our Transactional Processing services are popular with small enterprises, family run businesses, startups and medium sized businesses [SME’s]. Typically small businesses have few resources and are often focused on operational areas to get their businesses working smoothly. Typically small business owners are rolling up their sleeves and multi-tasking and have to focus on suppliers, customers, sales, marketing, cash flow management and putting out fires. Taking care of the accounting and compliance matters is the last thing these entrepreneurs have the time, knowledge or inclination for.

This is where Ezee Pte. Ltd. can step in as the trusted partner to take care of their monthly accounting needs and generate the management accounting and reports. As a value added service, our consultants can also provide advisory services, help with obtaining funding, grant applications, tax incentives, bank loans, selecting the accounting system, and provide the necessary transaction processing services like book-keeping, accounting, tax filing, annual returns, payroll and any other regulatory or licensing requirements based on the industry classification. 

Our consultants have many years of finance experience as CFOs and Financial Controllers and therefore able to provide additional business insights, suggestions for improvements as well as highlight any areas that require attention. This goes over and above what can be expected from a normal outsourced book-keeping provider or accounting service provider. Over time, as the understanding of the business grows, our consultants can put on their owner hat and provide deeper insight into the industry trends, growth opportunities, and competitive analysis strategies based on experience obtained during their prior roles.

Ezee Pte. Ltd. can also provide resources as contract hires or fully outsourced shared service centers. Ezee can handle the headcount management, headcount replacement and turnover, staff training, process documentation, continuity planning to provide an uninterrupted, high-quality outsourced accounting department which operates with high accuracy and satisfaction levels. 

Our transaction processing services are comprised of