Company Incorporation, Company Formation, Company Registration

Ezee Pte. Ltd. is a Registered Filing Agent (RFA) for Singapore and can assist with the Singapore company incorporation, company formation and company registration process as a Corporate Service Provider (CSP).

Singapore is a very attractive location to conduct business. With its strategic location in Asia, excellent global trade friendly policies, stable and clean government, excellent infrastructure and legal system many businesses choose to setup their headquarters or holding companies here. Singapore has attractive tax efficient policies and double taxation agreements with over 100 jurisdictions. Recently Singapore has gained prominence as a leader for technology startups and boasts a growing list of companies that act as business accelerators, venture capitalists, seed and angel investors. As a result, entrepreneurs across Asia have been attracted to setup their operational headquarters in Singapore as they seek investors to provide their startups with capital, networking and growth opportunities. However, the first step required is to setup the corporate entity in Singapore.

There are a few steps involved in the company incorporation process including

  • Choosing a company name and reserving the company name
  • Determine the Company Type
  • Choosing a Financial Year End
  • Appointing Directors and Company Secretary
  • Deciding the share capital of the company
  • Determine the types of shares to be issued
  • Requirements of Registered Office Address
  • Define the constitution of the company including business activities, corporate governance rules and other relevant information
  • Submit the application via BizFile
  • Maintain Company Registers

Prior to commencing the incorporation process, Ezee Pte. Ltd. will require additional information to perform some Know Your Client (KYC) processes. KYC involves obtaining various pieces of information related to the intended nature of the business, the shareholders and their backgrounds.

Ezee has an easy KYC form that can be provided to share the relevant information. Please contact Ezee Pte. Ltd. via phone or email for additional information.

Whiel the above steps are a one time activity for incorporating a new entity, there are annual compliance requirements as well such as

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