Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO (also known as CFO on Demand or Part-time CFO) is part of our Advisory Services Pillar where Ezee consultants step in as the business partner for all finance activities.

A Fractional CFO is ideal for startups that are on a rapid growth path, have perhaps received some funding and are looking to raise additional funding rounds, and need help with managing investors, shareholders, compliance, reporting, financial systems and processes and other related activities that an outsourced transaction service provider is unable to effectively manage. 

The requirements of a seasoned finance leader to help on a part-time basis cannot be taken lightly. While the business may not be large enough to warrant a full time CFO, the need to bring in someone with the right experience to provide timely advisory on critical decisions that can impact the future of the business cannot be discounted. With the right support at the outset from a part-time CFO, the business can benefit from a strategic finance vision, to set the company on a growth path while reducing or avoiding foundational mistakes that can be difficult to rectify down the road. 

Companies often end up with poor legal protection by entering into weak legal contracts with shareholders, investors or vendors due to lack of proper due diligence and contract reviews. Poorly drafted agreements with Venture Capitalist firms can cause founder equity dilution or not receiving fair value for their shares due to incorrect valuations. The initial high growth phase is risky for founders as they are busy with product development, sales activities and multi-taking to grow the business. Founders are often stretched in different directions with multiple distractions requiring their attention. Having a partner to assist with the finance area can be a wise decision especially when the Fractional CFO service is affordable and timely.


Advisory Services Finance Professionals CFO on Demand

Our consultants are experienced Financial Controllers and have held CFO positions in the past with large Multi National Corporations and are well suited to provide a broad range of services to be a co-pilot and business partner to better manage the business. 

There are three pillars supporting the CFO on Demand service

Ezee Pte. Ltd. can also provide an additional Interim CFO services as a full time interim position in the event the existing CFO is unable to continue. The interim CFO can provide support until a permanent CFO can be brought on board.