COVID 19 Grants – Taxable or Non Taxable

The list of grants issued in the last couple of years by the Singapore Government has been extensive to help companies combat the effects of COVID 19. The long list includes

  • Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI)
  • Progressive Wage Credit Schemen (PWCS)
  • Small Business Recovery Grant (SBRG)
  • Skills Future Enterprise Credit
  • SME Go Digital Programme
  • Special Employment Credit
  • Temporary Employment Credit
  • Wage Credit
  • Jobs Support Scheme (JSS)
  • COVID-19 Quarantine Order Allowance Scheme Payout
  • COVID-19 Leave of Absence (LOA) scheme payout
  • COVID-19 Stay Home Notice (SHN) Scheme
  • Government Cash Grant (Fortitude Budget)
  • Rental Support Scheme (RSS)
  • Temporary Housing Support
  • Senior Worker Support Grant
  • Third Party Professional Cleaning and Disinfection Reimbursement

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