Piyush, our consultant from Ezee Pte. Ltd., brought in a strong end-to-end business view, deep expertise in controls, process, payments & banking, and a finely tuned risks mindset. 

He quickly identified inefficiencies and opportunities for process improvements, with a keen eye to quality of results, strong governance and simplification. 

Piyush’s process efficiencies lens was finely tuned, and he went beyond the brief to look at ways in which payment approval cycles could be shortened, inputs and handovers could be automated to avoid manual errors and payments simplified through a trust account setup. 

He took ownership and drove the ambitious timelines with urgency and tenacity, bringing the right stakeholders on board and seeking support through quick escalations to me as the project owner. 

Piyush’s experience, maturity and business understanding showed in various parts of the project. With Piyush leading the project, we were able to navigate through tricky resolutions, bring a new vendor onboard in 4 locations and mitigate all identified risks to close the project on time, with accurate payroll and with ops teams working well together. 

Personally, I highly appreciated Piyush’s candor, his high action orientation, acting as a true business partner to me, his end-to-end business thinking and willingness to challenge the status quo to ensure the results delivered were of the highest quality. I would not hesitate to approach Piyush again for future projects.